Elite Convertible Pannier Backpack

Elite Convertible Pannier Backpack

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Due to high customer demand and our small team of manufacturers, Elite Convertible Pannier Backpacks are often in short supply. We try to ensure we keep some colors in stock but if we don’t have the color you are looking for, you can place a backorder : contact us  to discuss your requirements and our ability to make your color by your deadline. The color option images for this product have been digitally synthesized for illustrative purposes – please be aware that for this reason they cannot be aligned 100% with the ‘real thing’ and some variety will occur. Choose a color by clicking it in the box below. You may choose an in-stock pack for immediate delivery, or choose a color for a future production run if you’re not in a hurry.  Though our customers conspire to keep us sold out of every color, we do strive to keep a variety of colors on hand. We are often surprised! Email us to backorder a different color choice to be made in the following batch. Standard colors on hand today are: Lime Green, Royal Blue, Red, Bronze, and Navy Blue. We also have a couple limited edition colors in stock: Deep Burgundy and Cranberry.  Cranberry is not red, not purple, it is similar to the Deep Burgundy, but the color but is less saturated.  We have only 2 left of both the Cranberry and the Burgundy – these will not be replaced when sold out. Reserve your special color today!    Depending on the season and our workload, a backorder may take 1-3 months. Some custom colors are  not set up on the site, so email us and we’ll try to arrange for your favorite color. Thank you for your patience!



Our Expedition pack is the Elite model. This 3-piece, 6.5 lb. pannier backpack system consists of both front and rear panniers, converting to the internal-frame backpack.   Capacity is 3975 cubic inches (65 liters) of gear in a total of nine compartments, plus a “Piggyback Sack” for the harness or misc gear that should not be crushed, and user-defined external capacity held by the vertical compression straps, which also hold any extraneous gear on the shelves of the rear pannier, and at the top (preferred) or bottom of the backpack.  A fully adjustable harness system wraps your shoulders.  The top stabilizer straps help hold the pack to your back, allowing you to transfer weight to your hips.   The padded waist belt features angled compression straps for added stability. The Elite offers the ultimate in pannier backpack technology to the discerning traveler.

*Colors on sale:  Red, Royal Blue, Lime Green, and Cranberry.


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3975 CC (65 liters)


9 + user defined space

Panier Conversion

Full Set: Front (both sides), over the front wheel; Back (both sides) behind saddle, over rear wheel. Converts to backpack by disengaging both halves of the front panniers, then click (buckles) and zip zippers to attach to the sides of the rear pannier. add the harness system to the central unit to finish converting to the backpack. (See video for detailed description.)


Black, Blaze Orange, Bronze, Brown, Cranberry, Dark Burgundy, Forest Green, Gray, Lime Green, Merlot, Navy Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow

Size & Weight

Size: 27" x 22"/12" x 7”/5"

Weight: 6.5 lbs

3 reviews

  1. Paul Walsh, Cambria

    I’m 6200 miles and still going, and the panniers you made for me have worked great!

  2. Jim Hutchinson, Boulder

    The Convertible Backpack is the finest backpack I have ever used. The panniers ride my bike as well as [the backpack] rides my back. The materials and workmanship are such that it will likely remain the only set of touring panniers I ever own. The abundance of fastening points and compression straps allow it to be drawn into a tight, stable package when lightly loaded or expanded to the point of absurdity, particularly on the bike.

  3. Tom Burkhardt, New York

    The pack was a 100% success. Without it I would have had to compromise on either the biking or trekking…

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