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  • The Classic Convertible Pannier Backpack – spacious and robust backpack converting to rear pannier set. The Classic offer travelers a flexible, streamlined and reliable means to explore by foot and by bicycle! Due to high customer demand and  the highly skilled labour involved in manufacturing the backpacks by hand, there is sometimes a waiting list for the each new batch of pannier backpacks. Choose your color from the following in-stock colors: Cranberry, Red, Bronze, Black, Gray, and Navy Blue.  The color option images for this product have been digitally synthesized for illustrative purposes – please be aware that for this reason they cannot be aligned 100% with the ‘real thing’ and some variety will occur.  Colors that we hold in stock may be limited at your time of purchase. If we don’t have the color you’re looking for, it’s possible to place a backorder.  Email us to request a backorder and be prepared to wait 1-3 months depending on season and our current manufacturing batch (we’re not always that slow).  

    I believe we have fixed the gremlins that were chewing on our leg last summer, but software does have soft spots, and electronics can surprise us!  If you find ordering difficult, please email us at and we’ll do our best to take care of you.

  • The Piggyback bag mounts to your pack’s compression straps with belt loops, so light loads can be carried without compression.

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