2 thoughts on “Shaping The Pannier Backpack’s Internal Frame

    • Hi Eric (and everyone also wondering) the “rods” I’m assuming are the internal-frame aluminum slats. In transferring from backpack to bike, mount the black plastic piece to the rear rack, and the back end of the slat (with no hole) is held in place here. Then align the hole with the threaded rod you earlier mounted to the down tube, slightly above the front deraileur (if you have a front deraileur). Then lock in place with one of the wing nuts provided. Mount the other slat on the other side. You should be all set! The only other detail: I mount my slats after having bent them for comfort on the backpack, mount on the bike with the flare oriented outwards from the back of the bike. This will help hold everything together, not falling off the back.

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