The Convertible Pannier Backpack was first conceived in 1977 while Richard Jones was cycling in Virginia and happened to intersect the Appalachian Trail. Suffering from ‘white line fever’, he couldn’t resist the short hike to a trail shelter. His bicycle proved rather cumbersome out of its element, and he had the feeling there must be a better way!

The solution is here: meeting the needs of all cyclists who also own walking shoes and know how to use them. Letters from customers testify that whether it’s a day trip or a trek around the world, the dream of a versatile packing system is now a reality.

The first pannier backpacks were sold in 1981. There has been a process of improvement since then, including the present, with final prototype work on the latest redesign complete in 2012 and tested through the toughest conditions! Throughout, this has been a cottage industry with no desire to export labor – each backpack is made by outstanding seamstresses in Colorado.

Richard has since retired and passed his business along to his daughter, Sarah Owens. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

We appreciate the support of our many customers over the past three decades!

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Where do you find something that lasts a quarter century, and you can’t live without it when its gone?

In a world of increasingly disposable, mass-produced and short lived products, we’ve continued to go against the grain. We believe in a world where products are designed to be functional and built to last.

The Convertible Pannier Backpack system will hold your camping gear comfortably on your back, and with stability on your bike. But not just camping gear – you’ll be surprised when you discover what you can strap on!

We recently had another repeat customer – his backpack wore out after 25 years, but he did not.  25 years… That’s good.

Tom took his new backpack to Myanmar.

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