For over 35 years, Richard Jones Convertible Pannier Backpacks have been handbuilt in Colorado.

Each pack is produced from start to finish by a dedicated seamstress, in order to ensure unbeatable quality during the manufacturing process; resulting in a world-class product.

Both Convertibles and the Shadow Pack each have a zippered inner pocket in the rack-top compartment for keeping important small items like keys, wallet, phone, etc. in one easy to access place.

Don’t just take our word for it though – see what our customers have to say about our products!

Due to customer demand and our dedication to the highest standards, we do not always have a large availability of the range in stock at any one time. This means that you may find a limited choice of color when choosing from our Pannier Backpacks in stock at the time of ordering. Whilst you may wonder why we don’t just outsource and produce more stock, our philosophy is to ensure we keep manufacturing to the same exacting standards that our customers have come to expect over the years.

Stock color choices for the Pannier Backpacks include Black, Forest Green, Bronze, Gray, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Blaze Orange, Yellow, Golden Yellow, or Red. Currently we also have a couple limited edition colors, aquamarine (Classic model only) and a red wine/cranberry, available in both styles. Color combinations may be accommodated in the off season.

Handmade Pannier Backpacks - Cindy our Seamstress


Richard Jones Convertible Pannier Backpacks are designed to go the distance with you, whether you’re cycling, hiking, or skiing. The excellent abrasion resistance of the 1,000 denier coated nylon makes it the material of choice.  The seams are anchored with tough Nylon thread.

We have found that zippers are the Achilles heel of any backpack, so we install the strongest zippers made.  Compartments on the main pack  feature #10 coil zippers, reinforced by compression straps. The smaller front pannier compartments use #8 coil zippers. Two sliders per compartment allow accessibility from both sides of the compartment. For security from stealthy hands, you may want us to install #0 (1/4″ hole) grommets in the zipper’s rain flaps at each end, and we will do this at no charge. This will enable you to lock the zipper shut with most luggage locks. The zipper pulls are together on rack-trunk compartment (which has a compartment for wallet and phone), so locking those zipper pulls to each other needs no modification.

To hold the side pockets to each other or to the backpack, a #10 multi-tooth zipper is used. These are reinforced with quick-release buckles, and a set of lateral compression straps (provided) can be installed to minimize zipper stress while hiking.


Problem: Nobody wants wet gear. How you keep dry in the wide wet world is the big question. If your backpack or panniers are waterproof, it not only keeps water out, it will also keep moisture in. As you pack up in the morning, any dew that has befriended your gear in the night will become intimate with it during the heat of the day if there is no way for it to escape. The result is mold and mildew — not the result you had in mind when choosing “waterproof”.

Our solution: Instead of hauling around the extra weight of waterproof fabric, Convertible Backpack Panniers are made with eurethane-coated fabric, with generously designed rain flaps and minimal seams. They will withstand a good rainstorm. For articles that must remain dry, use in conjunction with the standard lightweight, and ubiquitous waterproofing solutions– trash bags (for large things) and Ziploc bags (for electronics). After the rain, use the ample compression straps to secure your wet rain gear to the pack’s exterior until it dries. If necessary, the compression straps will secure your gear with the zippers open, allowing inside moisture to escape as you ride.

Water resistant