Versatility and value meet again with the baby of the Convertible Backpack family!  Worn at the waist or mounted on the rear rack, our Shadow Pack carries 650 cubic inches (10.6 liters) of gear and features the same tough Cordura™ and the same reliable #10 zipper chain.

All exposed seams are bound to prevent fraying.  Just inside is a zippered compartment for small items like wallet and keys.  The bottom is made of ballistics cloth, with an embedded cushion to protect fragile cargo from a bumpy ride on the rack.

Now we also offer optional velcro-attached water bottle holders (see accessories). They can be mounted to any strap, belt, or handlebar. Anchor with the elastic cord at the top to keep them in place when your hiking becomes enthusiastic.  Convert from waist belt to rack-trunk bag by hiding the belt components into their own Velcro-closed sleeve and mount to the rack using the compression straps.

Water bottle carriers are optional - see AccessoriesPosition Water bottles for comfort and accessibilityWater Bottle HoldersWater Bottle Carriers mount to any strap or belt













Unlike simple rack bags, the Shadow Pack will also piggyback to the Convertible Backpack.  It fits naturally between the pannier and its rack-top, even using the pannier’s compression straps through the Shadow’s belt loops to hold it secure.  In backpack mode, the compression straps/buckles can interchange to make a solid ride wherever you choose to place it.

Alone on the bike, the  two quick-release compression straps wrap the entire pack, increasing your attachment options beyond the rear rack.  Using some ingenuity, it has also been attached to a child carrier, low rider racks, and the front handlebars.  You may even use the Shadow Pack as a platform for your day pack, giving your shoulders the benefit of a load-bearing waist belt – Or, you may extend the length of the compression straps with a pair of utility straps and use them as shoulder straps to and mount the Piggy-back module to extend capacity to day pack size.  The options are all yours with this unique little pack.

Routing Utility Straps through belt loops of the Piggy-back module.Add the Piggy-back module to Shadow Pack using utility straps to extend capacity for a day pack.












This has been a favorite daily use bag since first introduced in the early ’80’s, with many still in use today.  Like our other products, it is built to go the distance.

Color: Black, like any proper shadow.