The Classic Convertible Pannier Backpack model is designed to offer a spacious, yet streamlined option to cyclist hikers. Converting from a comfortable backpack to a set of spacious rear panniers and rear rack pack, the Classic is the ideal product for those travelers opting to strike the balance between flexible mobility and storage capacity.

Pannier Backpack - Classic - Royal Blue

The “Classic” backpack converts to a one-piece rear pannier and rack trunk set.

Capacity: 2650 cu in;  Weight: 4-1/2 lbs.

As a stand-alone, it converts to the same internal-frame backpack as the Elite model (above), but without the zippers and hardware for attaching the front panniers.

Vertical compression straps may be used to carry other gear externally.

Even with its impressive capacity, the comfort and narrow profile of the Classic has made it a backpack of choice, even for day treks and cross-country skiing.

We now include a bag for stashing the hiking harness when you’re biking with both the Elite and Classic model pannier backpacks. This bag mounts to the compression straps with belt loops, so light loads can be carried without compression. We call it the “Piggyback” because it has no straps of its own, and has to hitch a ride on something else. As seen in the photo’s throughout the website, the compression-strap mount allows the bag to be positioned wherever you want it, including as an extension to the Shadow Pack. This is a breathable bag – all sides are made of a durable mesh. Whether or not you want to use it to carry your hiking harness, it makes a handy bag for a drying swimsuit, or packing anything you don’t want crushed in a tight bag (i.e. dinner). The Piggyback comes standard on the Classic and Elite models, in a face color to match your pack. If you’d like another, they can be purchased separately – due to the difficulty of matching dye-lots, if you order this bag at a later time than your Convertible, we suggest you go with black.

As with the Elite Pannier Backpack, there is choice of waist belt sizes:

The standard waist belt size fits waist 30″ to 44″.  Large size fits 44″ to 60″.  Small fits 23″-30″. (Please specify if you want the larger or smaller waist belt.)

Please note:  The Classic model is not upwardly compatible to the Elite system, which includes zippers and buckles for mounting the front panniers and lateral compression straps.

Elite Rear Panniers Red without Piggyback

When the converted from a backpack to rear pannier set, the format and build is identical to the Elite Model’s, minus the zippers used to attach the front panniers to the backpack.

The system is designed to easily and securely attach to any standard pannier rack (5.5″ wide by 12″ or more from top to hub).

The Classic affords a spacious capacity of 2,450 cubic inches over three compartments.

For support, an internal aluminum stiffener is embedded at the bottom of each pannier, which functions to support the bungee cord located there.

Anchored close by are two vertical compression straps which support the pannier sections.  These straps are useful not only for tying down extra gear, but tightening the strap puts tension on the bungee cord, securing the pannier to the bike.

The result is that you have a stable ride whether the bags are empty or strapping down the kitchen sink! To keep the pannier out of the rear wheel, the backpack’s internal frame mounts horizontally to the most vertical stay of the rack and to the bike’s tube, ~6-8” above the bottom bracket, using the hardware shown.

The reflective striping at the top of the pannier compartments, front and rear, help keep you visible at night.

Here’s a video on mounting the rear panniers.

The simple yet ingenious design means the panniers can be removed from the bike in seconds and converted to a backpack in moments.

Pannier Backpack - Classic - Royal Blue - PiggybackAs with the Elite model, the Classic Convertible Pannier Backpack system now includes a handy addition as standard:

The detachable ‘Piggyback’ can be mounted on the backpack or pannier via the compression straps in the position most convenient to you. The Piggyback is also compatible with the Shadowpack system to provide you with additional portable space when required.

The Piggyback is designed to be a breathable container, with all side manufactured from durable mesh and is color-matched to your convertible pannier backpack. This design makes it ideal for containing any items that may need to dry off or benefit from circulating air (like a damp swimming costume or hat etc) or anything you want to avoid crushing – like lunch!

It is also possible to order the Piggyback module as an addition to your setup though, due to variations in dye-lots, we recommend that you opt for black in these instances.