Customer Feedback

“These convertible panniers/backpacks bring innovative design and function to anyone who loves worldwide bicycle travel and rugged backpacking along the way.  I love the attention to detail and quality materials and workmanship.  If you bicycle tour in the USA or overseas, these packs will bring you years of service.  Let the adventure continue.” Frosty Wooldridge, 6 continent world bicycle traveler

“Ultimate freedom is to be able to start hiking once you’ve reached the end of the road.  The Convertible Pannier Backpack would have been perfect for my trip around the world on a bicycle.  I recommend it highly to everyone who asks me about bicycle touring, and I’ll never tour again without it.” Lloyd Sumner, author of The Long Ride Around the World in 80 Ways

“I have never seen a pack better for my travels.” Ron Enders

“The Convertible Backpack has been the key to the successful combination of my two favorite outdoor endeavors – cycling and technical climbing.  Both of these place great demands on the equipment involved.  The Convertible Backpack fills the bill, and then some.”  Craig Luebben, Fort Collins

“I have no qualms whatsoever recommending Convertible Backpacks to serious cyclotourists/trekkers.  I had no problems with the packs as panniers.  Their simple, large capacity design and strong, durable construction and fabric are not only ideal for loaded bike touring but for Third World riders the zippers and straps reduce pilferage which is common from more conventional bike panniers.  The backpack is incredibly comfortable!”  Ann Sorrel, Cyclist, Journalist, Attorney, Rider for the Pan-Indian Tour for World Hunger

“The backpack worked wonderfully and fit my needs perfectly. As I used it I appreciated many aspects of its thoughtful design. We traveled long distances by train and did some shorter distances and some linear travel by bike. Our method of travel meant that we had to make many train connections (often 3 a day with quick train changes) and it was really helpful to me that I could quickly remove the panniers from the bike and use them as a backpack. It was much easier for me to manage the bike with the panniers on my back, than lifting the bike onto the train fully loaded. We often had to carry the bikes up and down long flights of stairs in train stations as well, and this was much easier for me with a backpack on my back, which left my hands free to carry the bike without panniers.” Susan Adams