Frequently asked Questions

The Products

Are the pannier backpacks waterproof?

How is Waterproof Pannier still a thing?  Yes it still rains, and things we’d we’d rather keep dry still get wet.  Let’s seriously stop that bummer, but let’s Question Authority here.  Is it rightly the pannier’s job?  Could be – read on.  Our design is for water resistant but not ‘waterproof’ (which means submersible in water). We still need our gear-carrying packs to breath.  We cover this question in more depth under “our Quality/Breathable Protection” – click here.

What type of pannier racks do I need?

Front panniers mount to a 5-1/2″ wide x 8-10″ long over-the-wheel rack.

Rear Panniers mount to most standard racks (5-1/2″ wide) with a minimum 12″ distance from the top to hub.  For both, I like the tried and true Jim Blackburn designs.

Can I order custom colors or sizes?

Yes, customization is possible, most often in the waist belt size.  This pack was born through the desire for customization, so we’re always happy to discuss your ideas with you, but we don’t always have the idle time to try out radical changes.  Still, Contact us to let us know what you’d like.

Ordering & Payment

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have customers using our Convertible Pannier Backpacks all over the world!

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal – which allows you to use any of the major credit cards in a secure manner.  If for some reason this won’t work for you, checks are still negotiable with the banks, it will just take more time to mail and clear.  If this is how you roll, we’ll roll with you – email us to hold your pack of choice.

When will I be charged?

Payment is charged immediately after security checks from your bank issuer have been authorized.

How do I know my order has been placed successfully?

We will send you an acknowledgement email on successful completion of an order on the site. This email will detail the order that you have placed and will give you an order reference number. We would advise you to keep this email safely as you will need your order reference number for any further queries which you may have. Once your order has been accepted and dispatched to you we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number so you may watch with anticipation as you pack travels the postal nodes toward your destination.

I did not receive a confirmation email

Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement email and we will make sure it is not a problem with our system. Acknowledgement emails are generated and sent automatically once an order has been successfully completed. You may need to check your mailbox as it may be treating our emails as spam or junk mail and you should check your spam or junk mail folders to make sure they have not gone directly to this location. You may also need to ensure that all of the details entered are correct, please pay particular attention to your payment card details, email address and delivery addresses.

The item/size I ordered is out of stock. Why was it on the website?

All items are subject to availability. Generally, if an item is showing on our website then it is available to order. However, during busy periods we may be in a position where we cannot supply an item or there may be an unexpected delay in despatch. Our system does not record individual size quantities, if you order several items in the same size you may experience a slight delay. If this is the case, we will let you know as soon as possible and will offer to substitute the item for another item of similar style/colour/ size or we will offer a refund.

How long will my order take to be processed?

We endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible as we know how exciting it is to get your order promptly, however please allow 24 – 72 working hours as a guide.